Unpacking away…

It took us a while to get our stuff from movers… and they lost a few things… so it’s been pretty frustrating with the movers, but since the night we got the stuff, I’ve been unpacking away! It is like a Christmas again (wow, so soon) to open the boxes and see what’s inside and it is very exciting to see all my stuff. I know I have a lot of stuff, but I love everything I have – it makes me happy, it inspires me, it makes me remember certain moments, and now we got a little bigger place than the old one, not even I have an office space, but also I have a little den space for my walk-in closet+sewing room!

We can see the Statue of Liberty from our bedroom window and it makes me realize that I live in NYC every day and night. It’s been 2 weeks and now that we have all our stuff here, I finally feel like I live here.