Moleskine Notebook

I was introduced to my first Moleskine City Notebook by Victoria – it was a secret santa gift at our company’s Christmas party. She told me that she has a San Francisco version and she uses it all the time. Here I am, in New York, using this book all the time! It has a subway map, street map, it’s so compact that I can carry it to anywhere, and the best part is that I can make a note to where I’m going today, where I want to go sometime soon, where I went to eat today etc. It’s so great and I love it. Thank you, Vic.


And then, when I was looking for my new 2008 planner, I saw this “limited edition” weekly planner, also from Moleskine, and I was in love with it right away. There was only one left at Barnes and Noble in Park Slope and that was a store display – so I decided to go to another Barnes and Noble in Manhattan, but they didn’t have it, I looked a lot of book stores, but I couldn’t seem to find it… so I went home, looked everywhere online, but it was sold out everywhere! Right next day, I went back to the Barnes and Noble, saw the store display and bought it. It was 50% off, too! and here I am, using it everyday and I love it so much. A good city book and a good planner. It’s going to be a great year.