Le Telquel

I have bought things just by its cover/jacket because it looks good, but never a wine… until we saw this “Le Telquel” wine. Yup, a dachshund wine! Love the hand-drawn, hand-lettering look, too, very cool.

Love that he/she is wagging his/her tail!

The top area has some kind of citrus drawings, too, that also adds a nice touch.

I hope we like the wine… Haven’t tried it yet. Maybe this weekend… :)

Happy Friday, everyone! Cheers!

JAQK Cellars

I passed by this cute window in SF and I was so drawn to the whole style of the graphics (it’s hard to see because of the reflection, but it says “JAQKCELLARS.COM” on the left side – click the image to view larger)

And when I visited their website, I saw a whole bunch of cool wine bottle designs! I love their website design, too. I also love the concept of the brand, very fun and playful, and each design is different, but suits the naming and the concept.

The homepage:

Each bottle has its own design that rotate through the homepage and here are some from the website:

Makes me wanna try everything!