JAQK Cellars

I passed by this cute window in SF and I was so drawn to the whole style of the graphics (it’s hard to see because of the reflection, but it says “JAQKCELLARS.COM” on the left side – click the image to view larger)

And when I visited their website, I saw a whole bunch of cool wine bottle designs! I love their website design, too. I also love the concept of the brand, very fun and playful, and each design is different, but suits the naming and the concept.

The homepage:

Each bottle has its own design that rotate through the homepage and here are some from the website:

Makes me wanna try everything!

7 thoughts on “JAQK Cellars

  1. Aren’t they awesome? It said “Fall 2008” and nothing was there yet, so I guess it’s just opening up.. in SF, though, of course.

  2. Fall 2008 was the official launch window. This is the office, not a storefront.

    The wine’s fantastic. =)

  3. Kenneth-

    oh! Thank you for the correction! That makes sense.

    That’s awesome to hear that the wine is fantastic!! I have to get some.

  4. No worries! I’m a big fan. =) It’s exciting to see this stuff in the wild after so long (I did the 3D bottles).

  5. I think they just started selling the wine at Blackwell’s, out on Geary. It’s really great wine!

  6. kenneth-

    GREAT work!! I love that!!


    woooo. I should look for it in NYC.. any ideas where I can find it?

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