Nice to Meet You! #2

Continuing introducing great bloggers/artists I met over the weekend…

Maquette: I love Samantha’s work so much, her patterns and illustrations are so unique and very inspiring. I also love her hand-lettering!

How cute is this pillow?!


montague: I knew that Amy takes photos after seeing the nice Nikon camera and her photos are so so gorgeous!


The photographic exercise, one of her posts, I thought it was so cool and inspiring.


particular aesthetic: Laura had this beautiful laptop/clutch (HP laptop by Vivienne Tam) up on her blog and I want one! Her blog is simple, clean, and talks about neat things from fashion to interior.


for me, for you: Kate runs “for me, for you” and I couldn’t talk to her as much because of the seating situation, but I’m glad I got to meet her and find her blog. She is a featured buyer at Etsy – that’s awesome!