LETTERPRESS ~Select Designs from San Francisco and New York

I have a very exciting news to share… my letterpress work and my studio has been featured in this new Japanese book called “LETTERPRESS ~Select Designs from San Francisco and New York” — if you are in Japan, it’s going to come out this week on August 14th!!! ((If you are in outside of Japan, you should be able to pre-order from Amazon.com or it’ll be available at your nearest Kinokuniya or any Japanese book stores in 6 months or so, I heard))

I think I’m getting a copy soon, I will share some of the pages when it comes! The author, Miki-san is an amazing writer & person, I enjoyed meeting with her and showed her my work and my (new) space. She also took a lot of photos for the book, I can’t wait to see and read everything! She is covering a lot of amazing letterpress studios in SF and NY, I can’t even tell you how honored I am to be a part!!! Thank you so much!!!


『LETTERPRESS ~Select Designs from San Francisco and New York』
Edited by Miki Usui (author) / PIE BOOKS / Y2310 / Size: A5 / Format: 210mm×148mm / Pages: 192 / Full color