Merry Christmas and Mistletoe xxx

Hello! It is Christmas eve here today. I am visiting my family in low here in Massachusetts — our traditions every year :) Just wanted to take time and wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!!! Hope you are having a peaceful time with your loved ones…

A couple of weeks ago, Randy brought home my first real mistletoe! (I knew what it was, never had one for myself or for the home!) And did you know why you kiss under the mistletoe (I didn’t know why…)? The box that my mistletoe came in had a little cute story behind it so I thought it’d be a perfect thing to share on a Christmas eve…

“Mistletoe Lore:

Mistletoe has been the subject of many legends and traditions for hundreds of years. Ancient Druids considered mistletoe sacred because it grew without roots in the ground and assumed that it must have been planted by the gods. Mistletoe was thought to ban evil spirits and bring good luck and great blessings. When warriors met beneath mistletoe, they had to lay down their weapons and call a truce. From this, it became a sign of peace and good will. But why do we kiss people under the mistletoe?

It all started with a goddess called Frigga. Her son, Balder, was shot with an arrow made of mistletoe. Frigga’s friends succeeded in conjuring up powers to save the boy. Balder lived anew and Frigga ordered that the mistletoe should never again be used to harm. Instead, she made it a symbol of love by kissing anyone who passed under it.”

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Merry Christmas!!!