I enjoy crocheting here and there, it is such a pleasure making something by hand and be able to use/wear them. I purchased this Japanese crochet book in February (I love Japanese craft books, they are the cutest and easy to follow instructions) and so I started crocheting a scarf for the Spring!

This is what I’m trying to make…

Using 100% organic cotton… I can’t wait to finish it and start wearing it :)


I was walking around SOHO after I got out of work last night and I saw this window…

How cute! I had to take photos and then of course I had to go into the store… to KITEYA. I have been passing by this store and I always thought it looked nice and always saw some traditional Japanese stuff, but never really went inside before, but I loved it there so much! They carry unique modern stuff from Kyoko, Japan, one of my favorite cities in Japan. The store is filled with Japanese beautiful patterns, fabrics, accessories to name a few. If you are in New York area and appreciate Japanese patterns and traditional arts, you will get a lot of inspiration here for sure.

Store sign:

(this image is from their website)

and I got the heart ornaments! Made with Japanese chirimen fabric. oh, they are having a nice holiday sale right now, too.

Kiteya Soho

464 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013