Happy Girls’ Day!


It’s March 3rd and it’s Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) day! Mili and I made a couple sets of hina dolls this year so just wanted to share :) Even though I did put these together mostly, Mili participated with crayons and she had fun! All these scrabbles you see, it’s her work :)

It’s fairly easy to make, great crafts with kids.



Happy Girls’ Day!! xo Hijiri

Happy Girl’s Day!



Happy Girl’s Day to those of you who are celebrating! It’s Mili’s first girl’s day… we don’t have proper hina dolls yet, but my best friend sent us a hina dolls greeting card! It opens up like the picture above it’s so cute :) Thank you, Naoko!

March 3rd is Japanese Girl’s Day called hina-matsuri. It’s a celebration for Japanese girls, and Japanese Boy’s Day is May 5th in Japan. People display a set of hina dolls and props in the house, wishing girls’ healthy growth and happiness. Traditionally, parents or grand parents of a newborn girl buy a set of gorgeous hina dolls unless they have special dolls, which are inherited from generation to generation. Hina dolls are dressed in Japanese ancient costumes and are displayed on the shelves of a stand covered with a red carpet usually from the end of February to March 3rd.  


and Mili loved it, too! hehehe