Fashion’s Night Out NYC

Last night in NYC, it was Fashion’s Night Out. The whole city was celebrating a world of fashion! Oh, how I wish they do this every month… All the shops were open til 11pm-12am, with free drinks, lots of goodies, appetizers, and store full of fashion items to shop, of course! (and a girlfriend to shop with, too, that completes the night!) I had so much fun!

I saw lots of cool designs… both fashion and graphic… I wish I documented all… but here are a couple things…

This flyer from Topshop caught my eye — very simple and clean; white, silver and black and just types. Silver letters are foil stamped so it adds more quality and texture, looks great on white and black types.


I love how it’s played around with different fonts and font weight.


and balloon type! At Opening Ceremony.


Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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