Crocheted Table Runner

One of my favorite print-makers, Bernadette from sugarloop had her house featured at decor 8‘s How Much For This Room last week and as much as I love her prints, I LOVE her place! and I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous crocheted table runner – Ohhh my god, I want to try making one just like this!! (It says it’s from Trade Aid New Zealand, but I think it’s all in New Zealand local shops… so I can’t buy one, I guess.) I try and I crochet things here and there, but I have so many unfinished projects, I shouldn’t start another one, but looking at this really inspires me to at least try making one.


(sigh… so simple, so great…)


Our apartment doesn’t have a proper dining area right now, it is my dream to have a dining room… like this!


Very inspiring. Her Balcony is super awesome, too, and reasonable! Check How Much For This Room for more!

(images: bernadette sipkes, sugarloop via decor8)

DIY :: Neck Warmer

I started crocheting this neck warmer since thanksgiving holiday and it’s been done by the end of Christmas, but I just haven’t had a chance to take pictures… and now, here it is! It’s not perfectly done, but it keeps me warm and I like the color so it’s all good. I wear it out often and I am proud of it!

This happened by accident (haha), but the neck warmer has wider side and narrower side.

When I wear from the wider side, it comes around my shoulder so it’s actually like a mini poncho:

and when I wear it from the narrower side, it comes around my head and keeps my head/ear warm, too:

Single stitches all the way. Nothing complicated :)

DIY :: Maia’s Sweater

I actually crocheted this sweater last winter when Maia was 4-5 months old and it was really big on her (I was a little disappointed), so I put it away all winter and didn’t see it since. This weekend, I was pulling Maia’s winter clothes as I was pulling mine out and I saw this sweater, put it on her, and found out that it fits her perfectly now! She has grown so much! (She is going to be 1 year old in a week, so exciting.) Now I’m glad that I made it in this size. She likes wearing clothes, too!

It looks too bright of a purple when I use flash… but you can see it better here.