What Inspires Me Personally (Blog it Forward)

Here we are… the 1st blogger mash-up “Blog it Forward“!

So the theme is “what inspires you personally?” — I didn’t realize how hard it is to talk about that because LOTS of things inspire me daily (well, this is why I keep my blog — so please come visit for my daily inspirations :)) — my family, my husband, my friends definitely inspire me, that is without question. They really do and I am very thankful for them. (I love you!!!)

but if it was specific to what inspires me to do what I do professionally = my life and passion for graphic/web design + letterpress design/print, I would say “typography.”

I love looking at it, finding it, having it around… and using it :) They all have different “faces” and they all have different “voices” and I love listening to them and let them sing, whisper, yell…. talk.

I love taking photos of typography I find on the street, too, (Please see my found type posts!) it just never stops…

When it has dimension… I go “ohhhhh”

((via junkculture))

More original it is the better…

((via anja mulder))

More unexpected it is the better…

((via OpheliaChong))

When it’s physical, makes me wanna play around with them…

((via anja mulder))

((via vial3tt3r))

When the (letter) shapes create another shapes… I go “ahhhhhh”

((via jacqui sharples))

((via me, Hijiri — work in progress… more about it soon!))

If I see a door like this, I would visit everyday. (just to see the door!)

((via KayVee.INC))

When it is made out of something else, I would stare at it and admire for a long time.

((via idiotcopenhagen))

When one design consists many types and looks so amazing, I am simply WOWed.

((via wasianed))

When the letters create heart-shape… my heart skips.

((via Stewf))

When it is letterpressed… I go swoooooooooooon.

((via me, Hijiri))

and for all, participants and readers: “You’ve got the spirit”!

((via uppercaseyyc))

The list goes on and on………. but you get the idea :)

I can’t tell you how much I’m honored to be one of the 10 starters… (please also see what other starters are posting today — creature comforts, design for mankind, hula seventy, ink on my fingers, oh, hello friend, paper pony, poppytalk, sfgirlbybay, and smile and wave) Thank you again so much for hosting this “Blog it Forward” with great positive spirit, Victoria, and cheers to all the participants and you guys, readers!!!

And I am forwarding this to… Marisa at creative thursday! I’ve been a big fan of her work, we did the LOVE book together last year and our work was on a spread together side by side (see picture) — what a coincidence!

Hello, Marisa, looking forward to your post tomorrow…

Blog it Forward!

Amazing Victoria at sfgirlbybay has been organizing this awesome blogger mashup called “Blog it Forward” with 300 blogs from all over the world (!) and it is starting this Wednesday, February 10th… and I am proud to be the one of the starters!!!

Basically, we each post about “what inspires you personally” and passing it to the next blog everyday (except weekends) from Wednesday on. (See the full list of the blogs and the schedule here) As Victoria is hoping, “the spirit of this is to share some new and maybe not as well-known blogs, so i hope everyone finds some new inspiration!” I also hope that the spirit will carry through and that everyone finds inspiration everyday :)

Stay tuned on what inspires ME this Wednesday…! Thank you, Victoria!!

((The lovely art work is done by ez of creature comforts))