Found Art: Please Touch The Art

Right now, there’s an art installation going on all over the Brooklyn Bridge Park by Public Art Fund – Please Touch the Art by Jeppe Hein. These unique bench arts are so bright they’ll catch your eyes for sure! And as it says in the title, you can touch the art and play with it.


On the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, there’s a water art installation:


A wedding couple was in there taking photos… (not sure if you can see…?)  

and here’s another one:


Circle circle fun!! :)

Cool Driftwood Bench

There is this coolest driftwood bench in DUMBO. At the little triangle area (I don’t think it was here before). Always catches my eye…

Speaking of seating… we found our new couch after hunting around for more than a month!! Our new dining table is coming this weekend, too, things are slowly, but surely coming together, so exciting! Can’t wait to share the photos :)