Found Type and Art: Burly Coffee


I spent couple mornings here at the Burly Coffee in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn while Mili is in school… and found some cool types (above) and art (below).

As soon as I saw these drawings, I knew it was done by my friend Natalie. Her work has been so recognizable. She has a style. Love her work. 

Today’s Bridge 5.25.14


It was a hot summer day on Sunday, we went to the Governor’s Island with our friends and had lots of fun! On the way to the ferry, we saw letters up on the sky above the Manhattan Bridge, caught my eye. Love finding letters in the sky! So cool.



Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that I was stuck in the snow after I dropped Mili off — the nearest subway line stopped working, the bus was packed and never came, it’s snowing so much and freezing… luckily, I found the donuts store called Dough (I’ve known their awesome donuts from my friends and flea markets, never knew where the actual store was so when I saw it in the snow, I was pretty stoked!) so had a coffee and of course, a donut. It was the best! :) Love their logo, it’s pretty memorable. (This picture is taken from inside of the store so it’s backwards.) and after the coffee and the donut, the subway was back in business I could go home! whew.

American Modern


I got to go to MoMA all by myself the other day (what a treat!) and the first exhibition I saw was this “American Modern Hopper to O’Keeffe.” The typography on the entry wall caught my eye immediately — it’s half 3D!



The exhibition was great, I saw few more but didn’t take any photos as I’m not supposed to take some of the works. I renewed my membership, looking forward to more visits this year…