9 months Mili

Mili turned 9 months yesterday! I can hardly believe… I thought I just did her 8 months post the other day! She has been crawling very well (and fast), pulling herself up to stand whenever she has a chance, and she is getting her first teeth! (the bottom two) She also started understanding what we are saying a lot more, shakes her head to let us know she had enough/she doesn’t want (but sometimes, she just does it for fun, too), it is so interesting to see her grow. She is a happy happy girl, giggles and laughs a lot, very expressive sweet little girl who makes us smile and laugh constantly :) Oh, her separation anxiety is at its peak, she is always with mommy, looking for mommy, mommy mommy mommy… haha

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “9 months Mili

  1. My goodness, your little one is so adorable! Nine months… how time does fly! On a related note, I just became an aunt for the first time yesterday: my wonderful sister had a baby girl named Penelope Sue!

  2. Hi {gemmifer}!

    oh wow, congratulations!! Your first niece! You and your family must be super excited!! Say hello to the little Penelope Sue, and before you know it, she’ll be crawling and standing up like Mili :)

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