Happy 3 months!


Mili turned 3 months last Thursday! I have been taking her monthly photos like these and so I can see how she is growing :) She is changing everyday it’s crazy! She is rolling over already (her first one on January 1st, she’s been practicing everyday since and she perfected by the 9th.) she talks, smiles and screams (!) so much now. Her favorite things at the moment are her hands, aquarium toy, yellow cow toy, polka dots pattern. As a mom, I’ve been working on creating a solid bedtime routine for her, but aww her sleep pattern changes all the time! I never thought baby sleep needs so much work. Also, I’ve been just amazed how much I LOVE this baby, it gets stronger and more intense everyday, too. I never knew this kind of love exists until I have my own child. Wow.

I can’t wait to see what she’ll be able to do for this month!

4 thoughts on “Happy 3 months!

  1. I just love these monthly photos of her! It’s such a nice way of keeping memories, too.
    So you are totally in love with her! I am happy to know that. Babies are amazing. aren’t they?!

  2. Fukukaaaaa!

    Thank you, thank you! Yes, babies are amaaaazing! and yes, we are completely in love with her just like you guys are :) Happy parenting! xoxo

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