Japan Type Map

Japan Type Map by Bold and Noble. Caught my eye. It goes with few of my Ork Posters

My hometown “Takamatsu” is on there, too! :)

6 thoughts on “Japan Type Map

  1. hi! I came across this poster the other day, too. I’m kinda bummed that my city didn’t make it on there, though :)

  2. Hi Maki-san!

    ohh sorry, your city is not on there… I wonder which city you are from?? :)

  3. Kyoto is on there, so I’m happy about that :) I grew up in Otsu, Shiga, went to school and hang out in Kyoto all the time. Nagoya and Osaka are covering up!

  4. Oh you did? Kyoto is one of my favorite cities in Japan! So beautiful :) My best friend went to college in Kyoto so I visited her often then, and I still visit there every time I go back! :)

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