Found Art: York & Pearl Streets

At the corner of York Street and Pearl Street right underneath the Manhattan Bridge, there is a steel construction fence with lots of cute flowers.

Made me look every time I pass by there, finally took some pictures…

There are silver ones and there are gold ones — aren’t they so cute and lovely?

I love these things that make street more beautiful. Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Found Art: York & Pearl Streets

  1. HEEJ! i love this. they remind me of the bubble tops you had as wedding favors :)
    and i absolutely love your kitchen with maia’s room in the corner!! everything is so perfect and quirky… xo miss you!

  2. What a nice surprise! That’s one of the things I love about the city, and the reason that I carry my little point-and-shoot with me everywhere… you never know what you’ll see. How nice to have these to make you smile every time you pass by. I wonder who put them there, and thank them for making the city a prettier place!

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