Today’s Bridge 5.6.10

I am starting a new project now that I live right by 2 awesome bridges in New York; Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. I think I’ll call it “Today’s Bridge.” Whenever I go by there, I take pictures and post them here with the dates. It is just hard not to take pictures when you are that close to them and I am always so inspired by them.

I grew up by seeing the world’s longest two-tiered bridge, Great Seto Bridge built little by little (I guess it took 10 years!), I crossed the bridge to commute to my high school everyday, back and forth for 3 years, I passed by Bay Bridge in SF every single day on my way to/from work for 7 years, and now I live with the bridges, I have to document this.

To start, here are couple from yesterday’s walk with Maia.

It’ll be all different each time, it’ll be interesting to see the whole collection…

2 thoughts on “Today’s Bridge 5.6.10

  1. Great pics! Reminds me of the movie “Smoke” – Harvey Keitel’s character stands at the same NY intersection and takes a picture at the same time every single day…

  2. Hi Amanda!

    I never seen the movie yet… but that sounds interesting, I will check it out! Thank you :)

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