Megro Press

A while ago, I had a little visitor from Japan, Yoko from Megro Press. It was so very nice to meet her as she is starting a letterpress business in Japan and be able to talk to her about letterpress and what made us go into letterpress etc. at my letterpress studio I’m renting. And now she is back in Tokyo, she put together a report from the visit both in English and Japanese so please visit her blog here and read about my studio… :)

Her blog also covers cool designs and letterpress things in Japan, you should check it out :)

Thank you so much, Yoko-san, it was so lovely to meet you!

3 thoughts on “Megro Press

  1. loved reading about you & your studio! i totally agree with her that it’s important to live in a good location. :]

  2. Cathie-

    ohh thank you so much! Right. The location is important, I guess… I’ve been lucky that way :)

  3. Thank you for the sweet post! I’ll continue to post about Japanese things and my works too! See you soon. May be next time we could meet in Japan?!

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