SMILE Winner

Thank you all so much for entering the SMILE giveaway! Each single one of your comments made me smile so much!!! Thank you!! I think when I’m sad or upset, I will read all your comments again and so I can smile! :) Thank you!

I wish I could give everyone my SMILE print… but I have a winner…

I printed all your comments… (If you tweeted, blogged, etc. and you told me that in 1 comment, I typed your name again and made extra entries.)

Cut each in pieces…

and folded them tiny.

I mixed them well…

picked one…

and here is the winner! Congratulations, Lindsay!!!

Thank you, everyone, for all your smile!!! xoxo Hijiri

2 thoughts on “SMILE Winner

  1. Aw, congrats to the winner! I wish i’d entered myself…oh well, next time i will!

    Btw, i have a giveaway on my blog now, hope you’ll enter!

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