Good morning! I hope you all had a nice 4th of July weekend… Happy Birthday, America :)

This morning, I am really inspired by the ecofont (created by SPRANQ): this font has white holes as you see and uses 20% less ink than usual. So your ink cartridges (or toner) could last longer. I might start using this font for my estimates and invoices… what a smart idea! It is totally ledgible, nice sans-serif font, too.



Available from T26 here or ecofont website here. Enjoy and save ink!

4 thoughts on “Ecofont

  1. As much as I enjoy the idea behind this font, I’d rather just use Helvetica Neue Ultralight or something along those lines. Eco font tends to hurt my eyes, and has some serious balance issues. And not to be picky, but if we’re trying to save ink, I’m looking at the tail and cross stroke on that “t” and seeing wasted ink. ;)

  2. Hi Jonathan-

    you don’t have to use it if it hurts your eyes… I had to appreciate the idea of the ecofont! I never thought of it that way so… :)

  3. Oh totally, it’s a great concept! Things like this make you look at everyday things a little differently. Like if everyone on the planet picked up one piece of litter each day, how clean everything would be.

  4. Jonathan-

    EXACTLY. Even if it seems like it’s a tiny little thing, it definitely makes difference! and yes, that’s what we do — to look at things differently :) right?

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