sfgirlbybay Launches

Good morning! Hope everyone had a nice weekend…

Over the weekend, lovely Victoria, Randy and I finally launched sfgirlbybay! We’ve been working on this new site for a long time so seeing it’s actually live makes me so happy :) When she said “let’s go live” I felt like the wedding day finally arrived or something because we’ve been planning for a long time, making sure all the details one by one, and yes, it was stressful at some point when I had to deal with PHP and CSS madness, and of course it was such a fun process designing and awesome to work with Victoria (like old days! It’s really fun to work with her!), and the launch was just beautiful! We are still working things out here and there, but I think she is happy and she is getting lots of good comments from her readers and that really makes me happy.

Her new home. Very clean and I love the color scheme she decided to go with. It has a really nice feeling and makes me want to spend more time here.


I love how all the categories are organized by polaroid films! So cute and so Victoria.


and of course, her famous “Sunday in the City” has its own section.


and there are more nice features…

If you haven’t already, please go to www.sfgirlbybay.com and look around her new site, you will have a great time. Congratulations, Victoria!!! Cheers to you, your successful blog and many more years to come!!!

5 thoughts on “sfgirlbybay Launches

  1. from the preview, it looks like a very exciting site…. im off to discover more about it! can’t wait to spread the word=)

  2. Congrats! I have long been a fan of sfgirlbybay, and got a peek of her new, much anticipated look last night. It is beautiful! I didn’t even realize that you were behind it, but this just adds to my list of reasons that I want to be you, or at least possess your talents and your little dogs, too! (here is where I cackle like the wicked witch of the west…)



  3. site looks great! great look and feel and i had a lot of fun perusing around….congrats~

  4. wow hijiri, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve!! congratulations, the site looks absolutely beautiful!

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