Shizuka and Kurt’s Wedding Invitation

Remember, my post about printing my friends’ wedding invitations a while ago? I printed just the texts of the invitations, direction cards, RSVP cards, and my friend, Shizuka was going to do the art… and when I received the final invitation, I was blown away! Came out so great! She did such an awesome job “stenciling” (I think I mentioned silkscreen before, but I was wrong) each art, color by color, one by one, all by her hand…! GREAT JOB, Shizuka! So gorgeous, letterpress gives a very nice quality, too.

The outside:


She hand wove this Japanese knot thing (I don’t know what it’s called… it has a name, though) called “Mizuhiki”:


and inside of the package:






I love the gold she used throughout the invitation set and when you see the actual piece, it really has nice and warm yet very sophisticated feel, I am super happy to get to help her with this! and CONGRATULATIONS! :)

4 thoughts on “Shizuka and Kurt’s Wedding Invitation

  1. it’s a lucky knot isn’t it? that’s a very beautiful invitation card, it shows how much love and care went into making it. all very fitting for a wedding:)

  2. Sharon-

    I guess that’s what it’s called in English? Thank you so much for your comment, you are absolutely right, it does show how much love and care went into it!! :)


    I knew that you knew!! Thank you, I think that’s it. “Mizuhiki”!! :)

  3. Hi Hijiri!
    I had no idea that you and Shizuka created the wedding invites! I received one in the mail and I was in total awe. It came out beautifully!!!! Awesome job!

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