Ford + Forlano: Forth + Back

Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco is having an exhibition of jewelry, prints and paintings called “Ford + Forlano: Forth + Back” starting May 1st (oh my god, it’s tomorrow! May already?!) to May 31st. When I saw one of the images from their prints, I was so amazed and wanted to look more. I thought it was sensational! Interesting thing I found out is that the artisits, Steven Ford and David Forlano live in coast to coast, collaborating by sending unfinished work forth and back between them. So these prints (and all the other work, too, of course) traveled between Philadelphia and Santa Fe. You can read more from their website, but their work is truly a collaboration, that is how it takes their pieces to a next level. I wish I could go see this exhibition… if you are in SF, check it out and let me know how it is! Velvet da Vinci is an awesome gallery space, I miss going in there.

Here are some of their print work:







*images are from Velvet da Vinci website