LWYL Hot Pink

Continue on my shop updates… I mentioned that I’m printing more of the 6th edition of Live What You Love prints this week and I’m so happy to announce that I finally printed it in PINK! Lovely Weronica from En mammas dag (her blog looks always fantastic, I wish I could read it so badly…) and etsy user Tanekeya and a few people have been wanted to see this print in pink for a while, I hope you all like this new color…

Mixing ink – I love mixing ink by hand. So fun!


On Vandercook press – the press looks so pretty in pink :)


and here it is, Live What You Love letterpress print in pink:




I also printed more red, black, and grey and you can find them all in my etsy shop!

8 thoughts on “LWYL Hot Pink

  1. it looks gorgeous heej, you got the eye. i love my navy blue one ;)

    i did cut my finger! the morning of a meeting i was rushing and trimming boards. i lined up a ruler and… i think it was the worst yet. are you ok? how did you hurt yours??

    miss you xoxox

  2. oh the pink is sooo lovely! :) i adore my yellow one but i’m tempted to buy this too! haha

    p.s. I hope my yellow print arrives soon :)

  3. I looooooooooooove my red one!!! It’s too pretty…I can’t wait until I put it up on the walls of my future love nest…

    And the pink one!? Quite simply delicious…


  4. I’ve been vacationing so I happened to just see this while browsing the web…as soon as I get back I have to get this and the sky blue :) I think I have collected almost all of the colors…lol!

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