LWYL Special Edition

Sometimes, the etsy users contact me for custom prints and I try my best to see what I can do for them. When Rosa contacted me about this custom print, I thought it was such a cute idea and so I printed a few more for my shop, after Rosa’s permission, of course. I wanted to share the “making of” here, it was so fun to print!

Remember the hand-drawn heart shape from my coming soon post last week? It was for this special edition…

Trace the shape onto the block:


Start curving the block – start with the outline.


Curve off the rest so that only the heart shape will be printable.


After printing my 6th edition of Live What You Love prints, take out the letter “O” from LOVE, replace with furniture so it’s locked in the place and…


print first color. Without “O”


When done printing a few, take out the wood type blocks, and carefully place the linoleum block into where the “O” was and lock the block with more furniture.


Give the roll and ink and see if the height is right, if the block is curved right… to adjust the height, place tissues or papers underneath the block.


To adjust the block, just curve off the unnecessary part (otherwise, it’ll print on the paper)


and print the second color….!


The special edition:


I wanted to use linoleum block to have the same kind of texture and imperfection and I think it worked so well!


Thank you again Rosa for the cute idea!

5 thoughts on “LWYL Special Edition

  1. It’s so exciting to see the process behind it! It turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. I hope other customers enjoy it as much as I do!

  2. i love this new design… especially the imperfectness of heart’s shape. it was fun to see the process of your creation!

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