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Randy gave me an iPhone for my birthday (a white one!) and I am in LOVE with it ever since. I feel like I’m finally in the loop… (I know it’s a big late?!)

One of the fun things you can do with iPhone is a customization – there are lots of websites, apps, accessories made for iPhone and when I came across site like typenuts or Poolga, I thought I should make my own iPhone wallpaper… and here it is. It’s for you, too. Click the image to download and I hope you can see Poolga‘s right column for how to use wallpapers if you are not sure how to use the wallpaper for your phone.

My iPhone:

I downloaded these from Poolga.

from typenuts:

8 thoughts on “iPhone Wallpaper

  1. Do you know what’s so random? I found that “Live What You Love” ages ago and put it on my Myspace and blog. Now I’m interning with Mika and find out YOU made it AND you’re Mika’s web designer!

  2. Lyndsay-

    ohhh, that is so funny, what a small world, right?! :) You can download this for your phone, too, if you have an iPhone…. :)


    hehehe. I saw your pink (?) blackberry! That is cute. and my friend Kate doesn’t even like iPhone and she misses her blackberry so not everyone is into it, I guess… I LOVE MINE, though!!! :D

  3. hiji! you got an iphone!! do you like it? you must like it! i love the wallpaper. sorry i talked down about it… i do love so many aspects of it.

  4. Kate-

    hehehe I’m glad that you finally think so! :) yes, I LOVE it as I keep saying it many times :P

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  6. Oh hi, James! Yours are on my iPhone ever since! Thank you for stopping by here!!!

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