Wedding Invitation Design

2 years ago, on February 19th, we got married in Hawaii – it was the most beautiful thing ever and the biggest thing we’ve ever planned together. I wanted to design everything, make as many things as possible, and I did design/make a lot of things and I wanted to share some with you here today and tomorrow.

Save-the-date Card: This would set the tone of the wedding so I wanted to do something unique, something fun, something conceptual… and came up with this hand-made save-the-date card with flower seeds. I used paper, stamps, flower seeds, eyelets, vellum envelope, and printer and assembled it together, it was fun! I made the envelope liner, too.

I also made the same size note cards and we wrote to everyone. Also, this is how I asked my bridesmaids to be in our wedding (with nice note). And yes, our colors were set for shades of blues.

Invitation: So the save-the-date was with flower seeds and said the flowers will bloom on the wedding day (that was the whole concept behind it!) so I wanted to design our invitation with growing plants. I designed it and had a printer letterpressed them for us.

and the map and more information – we didn’t have budget to letterpress these so I hand assembled with nice papers.

(I then had the invitations together with ribbon and everything, but I have to look for the final assembled ones still…)

Tomorrow, I’ll share our wedding day pictures, things I designed and made, etc!

12 thoughts on “Wedding Invitation Design

  1. These look extremely beautiful. I was wondering if you could tell me what fonts you used on wedding4 and wedding7. I think the script font is balmoral but i’m not sure and haven’t got a clue about the sans.

  2. Michael-

    yes, that’s Balmoral! The sans are called “Clearview One” – one of my favorite fonts! Thank you so much for your sweet comments!


    Thank you!! We got married in the beautiful nature, so that’s great that you got that feeling from these, too!!!


    Thank you so much!! That is so sweet :) It was like a magic day!


    Thank you!!!


    I’ll be honored to!!! Soon maybe?!?! :D

  3. hiji! so gorgeous. i had never seen your invitation and a lot of the decorations! i am so amazed that you all did so much yourselves. you are so talented. it is inspiring. i had fun seeing you last night! sorry it was so short. talk soon. xx

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  5. Kate-

    THANK YOU soo much for coming last night, Kate!! It was soooo great to see you as always and I was touched that you came even though you had lots of stuff going on! And thank you so much for your sweet comments!!! You are the best! xo

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