Keep Calm and Carry On

Finally, finally, it is up on my living room wall… looks so great! I’ve been meaning to do this for almost 10 months… that sounds so embarrassing, but that happens to me a lot… I always would get to it, though!

Anyway. Here it is!

I picked this seafoam aqua color, but Victoria has a lot more colors at her store right here. I love it!!!

4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. that looks great. i have the yellow one & it took me several months to get to framing it also! haha. what frame did you use? i like the way you did it better than victoria’s samples– i didn’t like the way the matting cut off the bottom in some of the examples. yours looks perfect!

  2. Hi Sarah-

    I used the same Ikea frame… I had to cut the top and the bottom of the mat, though, otherwise yes, it was cutting it off – I wonder which frame you used? I hope you like yours!!

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