Wong Kar Wai

This was a total accident (I love NY for these kind of opportunities), but I got to see Wong Kar Wai speak! We just stopped by the Apple store in SOHO, and there he was, surrounded by people and screen, ready to talk! We got there just in time.

It’s always so interesting and inspiring to know how those great creators would work on their project; he was talking about how music sets the rythem of his film and music is actually the communication between him and actors, him and cinematographer. Music sets the mood for actors, the rythem for cinematographer, and communicates better to show what he’s envisioning without much words and that was something different and I was intriged. Music gives him visuals, when he listens to certain music, his world comes to his mind.

His cinematographer (left) was there, too. (He was funny)

I don’t really get to create anything with music, but music definitely helps when I’m working on something, it gives certain rythem and I work better with music.

I was so inspired that I thought I would try creating something inspired by music and see where it takes me…

Oh, and his new movie, Ashes of Time redux is coming soon on October 10th – I would love to check it out!

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    no, I never seen the original 1992 version… I looked around your blog (nice reviews!) but couldn’t find it… where is it? Thank you!

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