Happy Friday everyone! My letterpress class last night was oh my god sooo fun!! I still have to take it all in and then I will post a lot of pictures from the class and my first letterpress prints on Monday – Mondays will be my letterpress experience and prints day from now on so I hope you check back then.

For Friday morning inspiration, I compiled these vintage letters to read… Friday!

 Black Letter \"F\" Signage

R - Antique Solid Cast Brass Store Sign Letter - Huge

Vintage Letter I

 Large Orange Letter \"D\" Storefront Signage

Vintage GIANT letter A

Vintage gold letter Y

You can find each letter here:


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  1. mazak>>

    There are tons of vintage stores at and/or you can find antique flea market or antique stores and they would often times have some letters like these. I’m sure there are some in Chicago!

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