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I cruised by Brooklyn Flea last Sunday (ohhh my god, it was hot as hell!! I thought I did a farewell to Summer… spoke too soon) and I saw a “Save Polaroid” booth and to me, that was the most interesting booth at the market — I know that they announced that they will discontinue production of all instant film this year and I was sad to hear that, but seeing people actually doing something about it, I thought I wanted to do something, too! We must save Polaroid! You can go to “Take Action” page and find out what you can do… the Action Pack is actually really cool.

From the booth:

I purchased these Polaroid magnets… with the empty Polaroid film case packaging, I was sold.

and then, people at the booth gave me a “Polaroid Camera Girl” pin! I was so happy — Thank you!!

4 thoughts on “Save Polaroid

  1. i love polaroids – and i need to get myself to the flea market to pick up another one (i have a colorpack II)… also, FUJI makes some film which is compatible with polaroid camera so everything is NOT lost!

  2. Amy-

    oh wow, colorpack II! I only have the regular one (One600) and still seems like I can find the films, though, that’s good to know that FUJI makes some. Thank you!

  3. Isn’t it? If you see them next time, you can ask for it, they didn’t have it at first, they had it in the back! (They had magnets of it in the store)

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