One Step Beyond feat. Pete Rock and Talib Kweli

I hadn’t been able to post about this event I went – the last One Step Beyond this year featuring Pete Rock and Talib Kweli! I like them both, especially, I like Pete Rock since back in 1993 and the last One Step Beyond I went was such a cool event so I was really excited to go to this.

Pete Rock on the deck:


He was playing all old school hip hop:



Talib Kweli on the mic:




I loved his energy!! It was awesome!!



It’s always a good feeling after been to a good show, I feel all energized!

2 thoughts on “One Step Beyond feat. Pete Rock and Talib Kweli

  1. sounds like a great show!! we saw talib and mos def play at mezzanine two weeks ago too. so good!!! miss u!

  2. anna!!!

    oh, awesome, they were there! ohhh, I’m sure it was great. miss you, tooooooooo!!!

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