Fish Paper

I thought NYC had everything… but no. NY didn’t have the Paper Source – my favorite store! I always loved going there, they have so much cool stuff, I could spend hours and hours in the store, but now, I just have to shop online.

They added this fish paper that caught my eye. How special!


The fish bag. ohhhh.


Goldfish paper:


OK, these are not fish, but they added some fun papers, too!

Bingo paper:


Graduation photo paper:


They also added this whole new section of “PS Green Choices” and it’s all recycled eco-paper goods and I think it is so great that they are doing more of that. The goldfish paper above is designed with 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste paper! Here are some from the Green Choices:





How cool/pretty and you are doing a good thing for the earth at the same time.

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  1. ohh, I’m not the only one!! Yeah, we should open one! There’s “Kate’s papery,” which I always think of you when I’m there, but it’s not the same…

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