DIY :: Dog Bed

I’ve been looking for a cute bed for Maia ever since she came, but it’s been hard to find the perfect one. (I’m looking for a dog bag right now, but it is hard to find the one!) And then, I thought, maybe I should make it with:

• 2 pillows that Randy wanted to throw away years ago
• my bed sheet that I used to use when I was in college
• stuffing left overs from my wedding craft

and I finally finished it! It took me a little bit, my sewing machine’s needle broke, had to order it, wait for it and I messed up a little so had to redo some parts… but I did it! Maia seems to like it, too! She looks like a princess on this bed. haha






2 thoughts on “DIY :: Dog Bed

  1. Ohh thank you! This was why I asked you which needle size I should get… thank you for your advise!

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