Nnicks vs. Trail Blazers at Madison Sq. Garden

On Saturday, I went to my first basketball game – New York Knicks vs. Portland Trail Blazers at Madison Square Garden. It’s always cool to do something for the first time and I never been to Madison Sq. Garden so it was a double first time experience… and I had so much fun! It was getting more and more exciting towards the end (I guess that’s how basketball game is like) and Knicks brought it to tie in the last 1 second and so the game went to over time! I was screaming with everyone, doing the wave (!) and just enjoying the game with so much energy – the vibe was so young and fresh! There were more teenagers and kids than any other games I’ve been to and they just have this pure energy. Knicks lost, not that I care, but I had a great time.







Randy didn’t hate Knicks. Like he hates Yankees. It was his first basketball game since 1986!


2 thoughts on “Nnicks vs. Trail Blazers at Madison Sq. Garden

  1. hahaha.
    He was getting excited towards the end, though! This picture was taken before the game started… so you’re right. haha.

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