I had a big surprise today… Randy came home with a puppy! She is 3 months old, miniature dachshund, and she is the sweetest!! We named her “Maia” after the eldest of the seven Pleiades from Greek mythology. She has this little dots on her forehead and I thought it looks like the Pleiades (star cluster/subaru) so I had to name her around it.

We’ve been talking about getting a puppy for a while, but I didn’t think it’s gonna happen today! Thank you, Randy!

Meet Maia:



She’s so baby that she sleeps a lot and she LOVES my lap.



her forehead:


6 thoughts on “Maia

  1. OMG! Anna just told me. She is so cute. I love her name too. You 2 are the coolest couple ever ; )

  2. Cheryln! ohh : ) I can’t imagine how hard and fun the real parenting is! How is Olive? You guys are the coolest! ; )

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