Crave on 42nd

For our Valentine’s Day celebration, Randy and I went to Crave on 42nd — a new restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen featuring Dave Martin from Top Chef season one. We watched the show, and of course we wondered how the food tastes like in reality. And so when we found out about this restaurant and they had a Valentine’s day 4 course dinner, we were both like “Let’s do it!”

When we walked in, we saw Dave right away, walking around the floor and then, as we were seated, I realized that there was Lee Anne (also from Top Chef) eating with 3 other ladies. It’s so funny to see them in person, we felt like we knew them by watching the show…

Anyway. The food was SO SO GOOD!!! Everything was good, so much flavors, so perfectly cooked, it was the best meal I had in a long time! We were stuffed, though, by that time we finished the desert, but it was all worth it!

They gave me a box of chocolate and a flower at the end, too. Oh, and when we were leaving, Dave was right there, so I said “Thank you! It was soo good!” and he was putting his hand around his heart and “ohhhh, thank you!!” like it meant a lot to him — he was so sweet.