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I took a trip to “lower east side fabrics/drapes district” a.k.a. “right in the middle of China Town madness” last Friday to look for a cool fabric for our bedroom windows. My mother-in-law gave us this book called “The Curious Shopper’s Guide to New York City” and the book is awesome actually, it tells you where to get fabrics, stationaries, vintage stuff, lightings, buttons… I wanna go to every single one of the stores listed in this book! Anyway, I went into Zarin Fabrics… (from the book, of course. The other stores were closed when I went there.) and there they are – soooo many very fancy fabrics in the warehouse! I was actually so overwhelmed while I was there. These fabrics are for luxurious home stuff like furniture, drapes, accessories, and most of them go for $90+/yard, but it was discounted to around $25+/yard so I guess it is a very good deal! I decided not to get anything, though, I’m gonna give it some thoughts and come back there later…



Zarin Fabrics
314 Grand Street NYC 10002

2 thoughts on “Zarin Fabrics

  1. I like to go to “Mood” fabrics, a warehouse type of store with a HUGE selection at reasonable prices.
    There is also B&G fabrics with higher prices but a good selection..

  2. Gerald-

    oh cool. Yes, I’ve heard about “Mood” but never been there yet. I should try going there soon… B&G, too! Thank you for the information!!

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