Chelsea Flea Markets

I found out that every Saturday and Sunday, West 25th Street between Fifth and Seventh Avenues becomes sprawling market of antiques and collectibles and so we took a trip to Chelsea this weekend and there they were, not just parking lots turned into big flea markets, but also the whole area was filled with antique stores and cafes!

There is this “Showplace Antiques Center” on the same street, West 25th, and the spacious four-story showplace has more than 100 booths, each rented by an independent dealer, filled with soo many antiques!

Pictures are from the Antiques Garage – the whole parking garage turns into a flea market every weekend:




We couldn’t get anything, though, we had no cash… (I know, we were so unprepared, but hey, I can come back there every weekend so it’s okay)