I’m Back!

Hi hi! I am back and so is my website :) I had such an awesome time in San Francisco and Japan, thanks to all my family and friends, I am totally refreshed, energized and ready to do anything! (I might be a bit off with the jet lag for a little while, though…)

I’ll be sharing a lot of stuff from my trip, please stay tuned!

(Picture is the Tokyo Tower view from Roppongi)

Found Art: Ueno Park

My posts from my Japan trip hops around a little… but when I stayed in Tokyo, we took a walk in Ueno Park and found lots of interesting things… and here is one of them — a full size statue of a blue whale diving! The statue is 30 meters long (approx. 33 yards long). It was stunning and awesome, I loved it.

Right next to this great whale statue isĀ  the Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science. It was closed for the holidays (note: lots of things close during the last week of December and the first week of January in Japan — we couldn’t go to many places because of the new year holidays in Japan, actually…), but would have been great to go in and see… next time!

Hanae Mori Omotesando Window

Apparently, I have taken more than 500 pictures while I was in Japan, you will be seeing lots of them for the next few weeks… :)

I saw this window display at Hanae Mori building in Omotesando, Tokyo and I had to stop and admire the beauty of Japanese samurai armor… how awesome!! I was drawn to them so much, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a samurai armor in a fashion window display before and it absolutely had a strong yet awesome presence… I enjoyed it very much. Here are some snapshots I took… I hope you enjoy, too!

The detail is great!

Omotesando Street:

Tokyo Midtown

I got to stay in Roppongi/Akasaka area with my millage on my 2nd day in Tokyo and so I went to cruise around the area. I have been to Roppongi Hills before and I heard that there is a new area called “Tokyo Midtown” so I chose to go explore the new thing.

It was very sophisticated, very refined and everything was so pretty there.

Roppongi Kosaten (intersection):




“Tokyo Midtown” entrance area:





Inside the building. There is a fashion floor and interior design floor and both floors are filled with very sophisticated shops (I couldn’t even take pictures). Interior design floor is very innovating, too.


Bridge to gardenside:



21_21 Design Sight:


There was this exhibition directed by Issey Miyake that I wanted to see…


and the museum was closed on Tuesday! grr



but this museum is stunning. Very unique looking. I really wished it was open!