Radio City Music Hall

Last week, I went to Radio City Music Hall to see Christmas Spectacular (I have worked on the website!) — it was fun :) The Music Hall was stunning!! I enjoyed the building so much.

The ceiling. I’d only seen it in pictures before, but it really was gorgeous! I took some photos and I was surprised that it looked exactly like the ones I’d seen!


When you walk in, there was this gorgeous chandelier-like Christmas tree… and the wall paining… I could spend hours here.


More ceiling / curve stairs shot… so beautiful…


The show. It definitely has its own history. It’s been going on for 75 years!


The lovely Rockettes :)


and we are going to see the Nutcracker tonight :) (I wanted to do more holiday shows this year, I don’t think I did that much last year so… yay)

Happy Friday, everyone!