DUMBO Arts Festival 2010 (Nights)

One more post from DUMBO Arts Festival… nights!

For 3 nights, we enjoyed arts everywhere in DUMBO, it was so fun and inspiring. Some photos are taken by my iPhone + night time so apology for a bit of a fuzziness…

Projected art on Manhattan Bridge:

Short film was playing all throughout the weekend on a parking lot on Jay Street:

And this was pretty awesome — a projected guy was crawling all over the Manhattan Bridge!

In case you don’t know what you mean… the crawling guy was created in a computer (see the laptop?), kind of like a stop motion graphic, and as the guy crawls, this person behind the laptop was moving the projector so that the projected guy looked like he was actually crawling the bridge. Up, down, ceiling and everywhere. I thought it was really awesome!

This was an interactive art we enjoyed — you just move around and make the light streaks — pretty fun!

Me and my friend in here, can you see us? :)

These sculptural works entitled Animas by Seth Wulsin were great!

Animas is a series of painted three-dimensional portraits that explore the interior dimensions of mind and soul in the embodied physicality of space. Animas portray the presence of human materiality through a non-existent, yet visible volume. Each portrait is built up from cross sections of sculptural forms painted onto multiple mesh screens that are superimposed onto one another, generating an image. The image changes its character depending on the distance and angle of the viewer in relation to it, giving the sense that a single portrait contains numerous faces.

The face changes when you move around…

Another one we found:

7 layers of screens — amazing!

Apparently, he is one of the winners of the Festival — congratulations!

I can’t wait for next year’s already… :)