Found Type/Art: Long Beach Airport to Mexico

I found lots of types, arts and designs on my trip and I would love to share them all here for your inspiration and for my inspiration… I know I can use some of the elements for my design someday… I think it’s also a fun way to show where I have been for the last 10 days :)

I’m going to start from the beginning of my trip… We arrived at Long Beach Airport in LA.

Nice Helvetica welcome board:


and I also saw a different welcome sign — it says the same thing, but you see how it feels so different with different fonts?


found art – it looks interesting and very conceptual piece.


From the Queen Mary restaurant menu (before we get on a cruise ship, we stopped by Queen Mary hotel):


I love this sign. Very vintage and cool.


and this is the cruise ship we took to Ensenada, Mexico:



It was a 3-day wedding cruise, stopped by Ensenada for one day, went to this gorgeous place for a wedding.

The hand-written/drawn house sign:


The patio/pool area:


Oceanfront area:


From the house backyard — Cute turtle statues:


Love this mini bicycle with plants:


Love the patterns and colors! So pretty…


One of the dining areas in the house. Isn’t it gorgeous?


The wedding was beautiful as you can imagine :)

and… right before I got back to the cruise ship, found this wall and the public phones — love the color combination!


I saw lots of hand-written ads on the street on the way to the wedding venue, I wish I wasn’t in the car so I could have taken more pictures because they looked so cool…. next time, maybe… :)

Hope you enjoy so far — more to come!