Election 2008

I never thought politics would ever inspire me, but wow, tonight’s election was such a historical moment and Obama has been so inspiring that I had to write about it here. His speeches have always left me with something, but tonight’s speech, I was tearing up a little and it made me realize what a great country I live in. Things have been tough, but this country can change! “Yes, we can!”

He sure has charisma and I love his wife, Michelle Obama, the next first lady, she made a lot of speeches that I was inspired, too.

I really was never into politics whatsoever (I design things…) I have no right to vote in this country, but still, it’s been so inspiring and I am honored that I witnessed the big moment of history tonight.

Picture is Obama art in the storefront I saw in SOHO.

There have been a lot of cool Obama art around, too, as you know… that is pretty impressive! Yay, next president!!