Found Art: Stained Glass Water Tower


I found this stained glass water tower in the Brooklyn Bridge park back in May (!), finally getting around to posting about it… I thought it would be here for a while, but when I came back next day, it was gone! I’m glad I snapped a few photos then… isn’t it so pretty?! I wish they kept it here for a little while!



and the other one is on top of the building for a while (see below)… but I can’t see it closely…


Today’s Bridge 7.11.13


It’s been a little while since the last Today’s Bridge post… It’s been screaming SUMMER here in NYC! Mili and I sometimes go to this spot right under the Manhattan Bridge and watch all the boats, airplanes and helicopters go by. We throw rocks, too. It’s a little area that we like. Summer here is great… Enjoying it while it lasts…

Today’s Bridge 3.28.13


Still really chilly in New York at the end of March… But I saw some tiny flowers blooming today! Spring is right around the corner I can see it! These little things make me so happy. Today’s bridge picture is in the background, I let the tiny flowers be the main… :)

Today’s Bridge 3.11.1





I took Mili and Maia to the park today. Mili loved walking around and finding many things. I felt so thankful to live here with my loved ones peacefully. The bridges and the city were gorgeous as always.