Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July, everyone! It’s Mili’s first independence day. We are here in Massachusetts at my in-law’s house, did a BBQ with the family, Mili played with her cousin Grace… It’s been a great day :) We are heading out to the Cape Cod now to see some fireworks and settle in for the month — yup! We’ll be there for the month of July! I’ll be blogging here and there as usual so please visit often. Happy 4th!!

4 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Your sweet little Mili is too adorable! Enjoy your month on the Cape, and think of us who are still suffering in the sweltering NYC heat :)

  2. Hi Uncle Beefy!

    aww thank you, you are so sweet :) Hope you had a nice 4th of July and that you are off to a nice weekend!! Mili says hello!!

  3. Hi {gemmifer}!

    aww thank you so much! and yes, I will think of you and send you some cool air from here… :D

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