Cyber Monday Sale

psssst. I’m having a Cyber Monday sale — all my holiday cards are 20% off for 24 hours only. Starts at midnight EST November 30th and ends at midnight EST December 1st.


That “when you spend $25, you get one free card” deal continues… ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!! Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Sale

  1. Love your block prints. I am fairly newbie still on Etsy. Are you able to make your sale price part of their checkout process or do you just credit the money back via paypal when the transaction is done?

  2. Hi Kevin-

    I just changed the price of the products for now… etsy doesn’t support anything like that and rather than doing the money back, changing the price would be easier so that’s how I’m doing it.. Hope it helps! :)

    Nice shop!!

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