Redesigned Flower Pin

I do have a few misprints from the Iris Letterpress prints that I worked on lately, they are still pretty good, but there is one tiny something on the print so that I can’t use it as a product any more… and I have been thinking if I can use those for anything… make some cards? Incorporate them to collages?! And then, I saw these redesigned flower pin from Linda & Harriett — How cute and clever!

Yes, they are made with letterpress misprints.


I love the gold button on top, too.


The pattern is already letterpressed so I’m sure the texture is great, too.



It’ll be so cute on table decoration at a party and the flowers are made with the invitation misprints!

3 thoughts on “Redesigned Flower Pin

  1. This is a brilliant idea. So many things one could do with these flowers. Interior decor, book covers and gift wrapping decoration.

  2. Weronica-

    aren’t they?!! :)

    Melissa G-

    Oh yes, so many things you could do with these, I love your ideas — How cute would these be on your book covers!

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